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Masai Marvel

Masai women. Photo courtesy: gailhampshire from Cradley — Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes things of beauty aren’t what they appear. Take high heel shoes for example. They look great, but consider what they do to women’s backs as well as knees over the years.

This is how I classify Masai necklaces. They are eye catchers. The bright colours highlight African women’s glowing skin and there’s an allusion that the neck appears longer. Continue reading Masai Marvel

Dar es Salaam’s Vibrant Village Museum

Photo courtesy: Moongateclimber — Wikimedia Commons

I was never a big fan of museums. I’ve woven my way through artifacts and paintings in most continents and only been excited by a few displays. Continue reading Dar es Salaam’s Vibrant Village Museum

Mangosteen Magic

Photo courtesy: Obsidian Soul — Wikimedia Commons

One of the luxuries of Tanzania was the variety of fruits seasonally available. I remember a mangosteen vendor, squatting on a corner with her big kipapu filled with the fresh aroma of the juicy fruit plucked from the tree. Continue reading Mangosteen Magic

A Dar es Salaam Grasshopper Invasion

Photo courtesy: Gary Rodgers — Wikimedia Commons

I walked home along a quiet Dar es Salaam street. Although it was about two a.m., the sound of grasshoppers filled the air. Around every streetlight were teams of green grasshoppers, their wings fluttering as if their lives depended on the buttery glow. Continue reading A Dar es Salaam Grasshopper Invasion

The Majestic Mosque Street’s Wonder

Photo courtesy: twitter.com/aswalli

There was something stately about Mosque Street’s jamatkhana: the Islamic lattice-work on the lower balconies; the rhythm of the arches; and the clock tower overlooking the street. Continue reading The Majestic Mosque Street’s Wonder