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The source

From the hotel resort, the source of Harrison Hot Springs was only a couple of hundred metres away. When I’d walked to the spot twenty years ago, it had appeared as nothing more than a rocky smoky pool of bubbling water not much bigger than a king size bed; at least that’s how I remembered it. Continue reading The source


Squamish sits at mouth of the Squamish River, deriving its name from the First Nation people who once inhabited the south western region of British Columbia. Canada’s first people still have a strong presence in the region. There’s a band office, First Nation carvings and even the local secondary school has a touch of Squamish art. Continue reading Squamish

Food for thought

Canada Day celebrations were a ten minute walk away and a visitor may have wondered if they were in Canada when Scottish Highland dancers reeled across the stage and South Korean dancers drummed out their rhythm. Continue reading Food for thought

Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails

The Bog Trail criss-crossed level planks above a mashy terrain. Like the beach vegetation, the vegetation was stunted Continue reading Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails