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Squamish sits at mouth of the Squamish River, deriving its name from the First Nation people who once inhabited the south western region of British Columbia. Canada’s first people still have a strong presence in the region. There’s a band office, First Nation carvings and even the local secondary school has a touch of Squamish art. Continue reading Squamish

Scott Creek chum

When I lived against this creek in Coquitlam, I walked the trail weekly. There were fish symbols advising visitors to protect the salmon plastered along the trail. I used to peer into the clear stream and not see anything. I wasn’t aware back then that the salmon only arrived in fall. Continue reading Scott Creek chum

The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm

I’ve walked this section of the river countless times. It’s flat with a view of the Coastal Mountains in the distance. The river’s wider and calmer with the Millennium Pedestrian Bridge spanning the river a kilometre before the stream enters the Fraser River. Continue reading The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm

Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump

I think this site, west of Fort MacLeod, sealed my fate. I was doomed to journey around southern Alberta alone because after this excursion, my daughter thought up some reason or other not to join me on my explorations of her province. Continue reading Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump

The two princes

After I disembarked from the ferry in Prince Rupert, this quiet lay back town was a perfect end to my trip. I loafed around town along the beautiful waterways, explored a hiking trail and even rented a car and drove to Port Edward not far away Continue reading The two princes

Rocky Point’s old mill site

Rocky Point trail is where I head when I want a glimpse of the sea. Each time I take to the trail, there’s a point that draws me like a magnet. I veer off the main path as if sleep walking and head to the old mill site. Continue reading Rocky Point’s old mill site