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Submerged in the tastes of Singapore

I may have gorged myself on South Indian food every morning and night during my last visit to Singapore, but the city had more to offer, so I set aside part of the day to try Chinese or Malay dishes. Continue reading Submerged in the tastes of Singapore

Cheese World

Just out of Warnambool was the perfect place to visit if you love dairy. We drove past dairy cows grazing over pastures when stainless steel milk silos came in sight. We knew we’d return the next day to Cheese World, opposite the silos. Continue reading Cheese World

Desi Dosa Madras Restaurant

In spite of my South Indian breakfast and dinner marathon in Singapore a week earlier, I was already craving that unique food, so headed over the Fraser River to the centre of Indian everything in B.C. Continue reading Desi Dosa Madras Restaurant