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Sarawak’s Kuching

Photo courtesy: Shoestring@wts wikivoyage — Wilkmedia Commons

I didn’t have any expectations of the town with a name like money tinkling in a cash register. So I was pleasantly surprised by an orderly city along the fast moving Sarawak River. Continue reading Sarawak’s Kuching

Saved by a coriander discovery,

On a Russian cruise for a week in the Pacific I couldn’t eat anything due to seasickness. The ubiquitous smell of boiled cabbage in the ship’s dining room didn’t help either. I could only eat once we landed in a port and I was dying for some spice. Continue reading Saved by a coriander discovery,

Discovering the delights of real cooking

My mother cooked like most women of her era — boiled cabbage until it was limp and colourless, cooked meat until the final trace of blood was drained and then cooked it some more. Her spices were limited to mixed herbs and Keens curry powder, neither of which altered her dull, lifeless cooking. Continue reading Discovering the delights of real cooking

Gujarat’s delicious dhokra

Dhokra is a Gujarati savory cake. Yes, that’s right. Not sweet and sugary. It has mustard seeds popped on top with, in my version, curry leaves, grated coconut and chopped chilli, while the cake itself is mostly steamed chick pea flour. Continue reading Gujarat’s delicious dhokra

South Indian masala dosa

I’ve tried making masala dosa but they always turned out the soggiest, floppiest hunk of cooked rice flour you’d ever manage to drop straight into the bin. So naturally, I’m on the look out for a good South Indian restaurant Continue reading South Indian masala dosa