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Winnipeg Invasion

Terrible, but true, I arrived in a city I’d never been before but didn’t venture beyond the airport or my hotel room. Because my First Air flight from Churchill was delayed two hours, I didn’t sleep till around two in the morning, so gave a tour of the city a miss.

Besides the 103rd Gray Cup festival was about to begin. I may have lived in Canada for two decades, but North American sports were beyond me. I’d rather watch field hockey any day. Continue reading Winnipeg Invasion

Dublin’s time warp

Photo courtesy: Diliff – wikimedia.org

I travelled back hundreds of years in Dublin. Tracing the cobbled stone walkway of eighteenth century Trinity College, I found the Book of Kells. The thousand year old book was displayed under glass within the college. Equally as impressive was its library with books towering from floor to ceiling while my footsteps echoed off the wooden floor. Continue reading Dublin’s time warp