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Return to Bali

From Probolinggo, we took a scenic bus ride east, ferried across to Bali and down the coast to Denpasar before we arrived at Sanur Beach after dark—our last stop where we’d stay for ten days. I caught the dreaded Bali belly and while I ran between the bed and the bathroom, my daughter ordered prawn cocktails and swam in the hotel pool. 

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Remembering a past flavour

It’s been many years since I last visited Indonesia but what I can’t forget is the food. Though not my favourite cuisine in the world, it comes near the top.

With the final days of summer, there’s one dish that is perfect in the heat — gado gado. It’s a mixture of salad vegetables topped with a peanut sauce that adds a distinct flavour unique to Indonesia and Malaysia.

In my version however, I leave off the boiled egg.