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Queen Elizabeth Park’s quarry gardens

Named after the Queen Mother, this Vancouver park was established back in the 1930s after the mountain had been quarried for rocks for road building. To cover the eye sore left from quarrying, sunken gardens were established. Continue reading Queen Elizabeth Park’s quarry gardens

Hidden gardens

Tucked away in a corner of a North Vancouver shopping centre was peaceful Park and Tilford gardens. Sponsored by the merchants of the shopping centre, these gardens were free to wander. Continue reading Hidden gardens

An Aga Khan project – Al-Azhar Park

I was keen to visit this park. The site had once been a dump. Truck loads of new soil and chemicals to counter toxins, were brought in before the transformation. During the excavation, a wall from the Fatimid period was discovered and restored. Continue reading An Aga Khan project – Al-Azhar Park

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Barrakka Gardens overlooked the Grand Harbour of Valletta. There wasn’t too much of what I’d term, garden. A few date palms grew near the stone arches. A couple of circular gardens lay surrounded by stone walkways. However, the location was worth a visit because of its spectacular views across the harbour. Continue reading Upper Barrakka Gardens