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Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia

By far the most artsy display in Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, was Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit. Hardy, the artist in residence for 2015, took items from the museum’s collection and arranged them without considering their origin or time span as most museum exhibits do. Instead, he artistically wove together parts of the collection under a theme – animals. Continue reading Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia

A little art in the Glenbow

Calgary’s Glenbow Museum in downtown Calgary had a small art gallery, but the paintings contained in the gallery were worth a look.

There was a David Thauberger exhibition, Road Trips and other Diversions, showing during my visit. The colourful paintings gave a sense of the prairies with mainly buildings set on a flat landscape. Continue reading A little art in the Glenbow