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I visited Lillooet more for its beautiful sounding name than the well known music festival. As I came closer to the quiet town and its gold rush past, the mountains were parched.

I turned left at a church to the Chinese Rocks piled above the town. Below the wide main street stretched close to the Fraser River. While searching for gold, Chinese miners had washed and stacked these rocks. Across from the Chinese rocks, was a barren skeleton of a tree ominously called the hanging tree.



Barkerville graveyard. Photo courtesy: Ssarjola — Wikimedia Commons

The road from Quesnel to Barkerville was deserted except for a few deer and grazing cattle. I arrived early before the tourist rush to this historic gold rush town with the stench of horses greeting me. Two drysdales pulled a wagon, depositing a trail of manure along the dirt road. Continue reading Barkerville

A view of the Yukon River from the Dome

I hiked the built-up dyke, past the swirling Yukon as far as the tailings at the junction with the Klondike River; piles of stones left by gold seekers. Continue reading A view of the Yukon River from the Dome

Day/night owls of Dawson City

Dawson City graveyard
Dawson City graveyard

Dawson City was once a booming gold rush town. I’d visited other gold rush towns: Ballarat, Bendigo, Hill End, Barkerville; but this one oozed natural friendliness. Continue reading Day/night owls of Dawson City