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Cheese World

Just out of Warnambool was the perfect place to visit if you love dairy. We drove past dairy cows grazing over pastures when stainless steel milk silos came in sight. We knew we’d return the next day to Cheese World, opposite the silos. Continue reading Cheese World

London Bridge

Beyond Port Campbell, the mind-boggling coastal landscape along the Great Ocean Road didn’t end. There were stacks nestled off shore and arches where waves pounded the cliffs. Luckily, we had lost the buses of tourists after the Loch Ard location, and could enjoy the beauty with a handful of others. Continue reading London Bridge

The Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell

From the Twelve Apostles onwards, there was one viewing point, short hike or view from the road that revealed one natural wonder after another. Not only were the glowing cliffs dazzling, but the colour of the ocean added a hypnotic contrast. Continue reading The Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell