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Gujarat’s delicious dhokra

Dhokra is a Gujarati savory cake. Yes, that’s right. Not sweet and sugary. It has mustard seeds popped on top with, in my version, curry leaves, grated coconut and chopped chilli, while the cake itself is mostly steamed chick pea flour. Continue reading Gujarat’s delicious dhokra

Once upon a time in India there was a toilet but now it’s gone

Gujarati village children — Photo courtesy: Anirudh Bhati — Wikimedia Commons

While at our Jamnagar relatives’ house, my oldest daughter, three at the time, needed to go to the toilet. When we asked where the washroom was, we were told there wasn’t one and she could go on the cement balcony before us. Continue reading Once upon a time in India there was a toilet but now it’s gone

A Buzzing Gujarati Curry

Goat curry — Photo courtesy: Alpha — Wikimedia Commons

We showed up at our relatives’ compound (ten kilometres from Jamnagar, Gujarat) unannounced, but in India, that’s fine. The property was bordered by a high wall and contained three separate two-story apartments for the father and each of the two sons and their wives. Continue reading A Buzzing Gujarati Curry

Jamnagar, Gujarat and a Village Tree

Lakota Palace, Jamnagar — Photo courtesy: Camaal Mustafa Sikan — Wikimedia Commons

The most undesirable part of India because of the dust and heat hanging over the state holds the best memories.

We bused from Rajkot to Jamnagar, not far from the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat where we intended to visited distant relatives of my father-in-law’s, fifteen kilometres away. Continue reading Jamnagar, Gujarat and a Village Tree

India’s Pink City

Pink is my least favourite colour but after Gujarat, I headed for Jaipur on the clanking train route and forgave the city for being pink. This walled wonder contained exquisite buildings amongst the neglected present. Continue reading India’s Pink City

Gandhi’s Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Gandhi Ashram — Photo courtesy: Hardik Jadeja — Wikimedia Commons

When I visited Gandhi’s ashram in Ahmedabad, I didn’t fully appreciate the history stored in his simple lodgings. He was someone whom I grew to admire in later years. Continue reading Gandhi’s Ahmedabad, Gujarat