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Arashiyama’s finest old houses

Away from the temples and the Bamboo Forest, was Arashiyama’s preserved area. It was the best laneway to spy some of Kyoto’s finest old style houses. Some even had the traditional thatched roofs. Even more surprising was that not one of the hoards of tourists who stepped into the Bamboo Forest, was here. Continue reading Arashiyama’s finest old houses

Port Moody’s heritage houses

Every week I venture into Port Moody to join my writing colleagues. I take the back streets to avoid the traffic on the main thoroughfare or at least, that’s what I tell myself when really there’s another reward. Tucked along these quiet streets lies Port Moody’s heritage houses. Continue reading Port Moody’s heritage houses

Yellow City – Hoi An


This old town on the Thu Bon River was roughly half way between Saigon and Hanoi. The buildings were mostly yellow with white trimmings influenced by the Chinese and Japanese traders as well as French colonialists. Continue reading Yellow City – Hoi An