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A slice of tranquility away from the roar of traffic

Shilin was the nicest district in Taipei I visited. Perhaps it was because Chaing Kai-Shek’s once lived in  the area. I wandered the vibrant streets from the MRT station and arrived at Shuangxi Park that offered a retreat from the traffic that pounded the main thoroughfare. Continue reading A slice of tranquility away from the roar of traffic

The Coquitlam River

The Coquitlam River flows from Coquitlam Lake into the Fraser River — a distance of only fourteen kilometres. I’ve hiked its trails that span both sides of the river from Crystal Falls in its upper reaches to the estuary. Continue reading The Coquitlam River

Along Sidney’s Coast

As I turned into a curve along Lockside Walkway on Vancouver Island, I spotted two playful seals off shore, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Sidney’s fish markets, that I came close to one. The seal was probably waiting for scraps from the markets as it kept popping its head out of the water. Continue reading Along Sidney’s Coast