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Along Sidney’s Coast

As I turned into a curve along Lockside Walkway on Vancouver Island, I spotted two playful seals off shore, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Sidney’s fish markets, that I came close to one. The seal was probably waiting for scraps from the markets as it kept popping its head out of the water. Continue reading Along Sidney’s Coast

Pitt-Addington Marsh

Situated along side Pitt Lake, the trail was more for bird watchers. I spotted a pair of swans and a heron but not much else because that wasn’t why I was on the trail. Continue reading Pitt-Addington Marsh

Encounter with birds

A month back I wrote about a cormorant with fishing line twisted around its leg. I’d called a local wild life rescue association and last week, I spotted the cormorant. Now the bird has a missing leg. Continue reading Encounter with birds

The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm

I’ve walked this section of the river countless times. It’s flat with a view of the Coastal Mountains in the distance. The river’s wider and calmer with the Millennium Pedestrian Bridge spanning the river a kilometre before the stream enters the Fraser River. Continue reading The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm