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Hiking Trail to Bukit Timah’s Summit

This was only a 1.3 kilometre hike up hill all the way to Singapore’s highest point — a mere 163 metres above sea level. I expected a view when I reached the top, but the thick forest prevented seeing any further than the summit’s boundary. Continue reading Hiking Trail to Bukit Timah’s Summit

Singapore’s Bukit Timah


Bukit Timah was a lush jungle with a variety of giant trees. In early 1942, Japanese troops fought here and won a battle against Indian and Australian troops, allowing them to advance on Singapore City. Continue reading Singapore’s Bukit Timah

Shakespeare’s Cliff Reserve

I took the short hike up the hill along side the dusty road to take in the estuary and Maramaratotara Bay in one direction and Lonely Bay and Cooks Bay around the other side of the cliff. Continue reading Shakespeare’s Cliff Reserve

Deas Island Regional Park


Delta’s Deas Island Regional Park was not accurately named. It wasn’t an island. The park was joined to the mainland by a narrow band of land. I crossed a wooden bridge over a stagnant creek and followed the trail that led to the tip of the so called island. On the way, I was faced with another contradiction. Continue reading Deas Island Regional Park

Along Sydney’s Coast

Bronte Beach. Photo courtesy: Cookaa — Wikimedia Commons

I hiked to Tamarara Beach followed by Bronte. Around the cliff face wind swooped as if it lingered in one of the hollows it carved out, waiting for me to pass, waiting for the next wave so it could send up another layer of sea spray. Continue reading Along Sydney’s Coast