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Singapore’s Little India

As I wove my way along Serangoon Road, I was bombarded by alternating Tamil then Hindi music from nearly every store along the route. Glittering saris and sparkling gold shops mingled with countless vegetarian restaurants. Continue reading Singapore’s Little India

I know you’re thinking India, but think again

Recently there was a Bollywood girls only night in my neighbourhood and I had to go.

There were tables of: delicious pakoras and samosas; Indian textiles and jewellery; a bhindi stand; mendhi counter. Above was a screen belting out dated Shahrukh or Aishwarya Bolly Holly movie hits. Continue reading I know you’re thinking India, but think again

Delhi Hai Meri Yaar

Delhi Street — Photo courtesy: John Hill — Wikimedia Commons

Or so the A.R. Rahman song goes but I don’t remember the city being my friend. I guess the part of town I stayed in, cheap and crowded, didn’t help; very like the video clip below. Continue reading Delhi Hai Meri Yaar