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Letters from the past: Jaipur

Amber Palace — Photo courtesyÚ Rod Waddington — Wikimedia Commons

As I continue reading my old letters, I’ve arrived in Jaipur. I remember much of the visit to the Amer Palace, eleven kilometres from the pink city. But there’s always some tit bit you’ve forgotten. Continue reading Letters from the past: Jaipur

Roller coaster ride to Kashmir

Jammu to Kashmir Highway — Photo courtesy: Steve Evans — Wikimedia Commons

Kashmir’s hasn’t been a safe visit in years. Just this week there were people killed on both sides of the border from shelling by the Indian and Pakistani governments. But when I travelled north from Jaipur to Jammu, all was quiet on the northern front. Continue reading Roller coaster ride to Kashmir

India’s Pink City

Pink is my least favourite colour but after Gujarat, I headed for Jaipur on the clanking train route and forgave the city for being pink. This walled wonder contained exquisite buildings amongst the neglected present. Continue reading India’s Pink City