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First taste of Japan

Featured photo: Lunch at the base of Fushimi-Inari-Taisha

On my first morning in Japan, I headed down to the restaurant in my hotel, eager to steer clear of western food and try the local breakfast. I had a big travel day ahead; I was heading from Narita to Kyoto. This was an all you can eat buffet so I had seconds especially as the fish was excellent. Continue reading First taste of Japan

B.C.’s Japanese influence

You might be surprised there are oodles of Japanese restaurants here after the treatment Canadian Japanese received during the second world war: their property seized never to be given back; dumped into camps into interior B.C. till after the war. Continue reading B.C.’s Japanese influence

Namsambol Village of Traditional Houses

Surrounded by Seoul’s modern buildings, Namsambol Village was a step back in time. The artistic roofs and shaded verandas around the courtyard painted a glimpse into the past. I peered through windows and open doorways until it was time to eat. Continue reading Namsambol Village of Traditional Houses