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Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

The only way to visit this site was on an organized tour. Photo identification was required and bags were searched as if we were possible terrorists before we headed out with a guide who read off a set script. I’m not sure why the search was necessary because we were only ushered through about an eighth of the grounds and weren’t allowed inside the palace. Continue reading Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

Japanese Gardens

Skirting one side of Kyoto’s Ninomaru Palace, was a Japanese garden redesigned in the early 1600s for an Imperial visit. Had the day been sunny, I would have spent more time admiring the rock arrangements and arched bridges that stretched over the pond. Arriving early, I at least avoided the usual crowds that visited this UNESCO World Heritage site. Continue reading Japanese Gardens

Kyoto’s Ninomaru-goten Palace

Within the Nijo-jo Castle complex, on a slushy wet morning, I passed through Kara-mon gate and entered Ninomaru-goten Palace. It was a relief to be out of the rain after walking from my hotel to the site, but I soon forgot the wet conditions when I spied the opulent rooms where shoguns once ruled. Continue reading Kyoto’s Ninomaru-goten Palace