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Could I handle today’s Dar es Salaam?

Karimjee Jivanjee Office Building: Photo courtesy: Planning Unit University College London — Wikimedia Commons

There’s a difference between the Dar I remember, and the one I find on line. Many of the old buildings are demolished, and I stare at a photo trying to place where the picture fits into the map of Dar I hold in my head.

A year before I came to the coastal town, I spent a week in Bali. Kuta Beach had a dirt track leading to the ocean. There were no hotels so I rented a room in a local family’s house. Only traditional Balinese food was available. Continue reading Could I handle today’s Dar es Salaam?

Java’s smoking giant, Mt Bromo

I’d stopped in Probolinggo because I wasn’t done with volcanoes. South-west of the city was active Mt Bromo where we travelled to find a lunar landscape around a smoking crater. Continue reading Java’s smoking giant, Mt Bromo

Surabaya in a day

Because this was before the internet, we bused the hundred kilometres to check for snail mail and returned to Probolinggo the same day.

In Surabaya, a young student befriended us and we let her talk us into going to the zoo. Continue reading Surabaya in a day

Eastern Java’s Probolinggo

We took a grueling nine-hour train journey to Probolinggo, seven of which were without a seat. Sitting on our backpacks near a door, we willed the hours to pass. When we did arrive in the small town, it was after dark. Continue reading Eastern Java’s Probolinggo

Steamy, sooty Surakarta (sometimes Solo)

We should have bypassed this grungy city, but the one photo I have, was taken outside the batik market so I’m guessing I found my illusive piece of green batik here.

The heat was overwhelming so we went to a movie just to sit in the air- conditioning. Continue reading Steamy, sooty Surakarta (sometimes Solo)

Prambanan – Indonesia’s Hindu past

We bused to Prambanan one afternoon to the ninth century Hindu temple. It was hot and sticky and the bus crowded, but the site was only twenty kilometres from Jogyakarta. Continue reading Prambanan – Indonesia’s Hindu past

A child’s impression of Borobudur

I thought I was clever going to Borobudur on Christmas day; after all, this was a Muslim country. I guess I hadn’t learned my lesson from the train from Bandung. Instead of no one being at the site, the Buddhist temple was over crowded. I soon realized, it was a holiday in Indonesia too. Continue reading A child’s impression of Borobudur

Christmas in a Muslim country

Jogjakarta was the highlight of the Java trip both for my daughter and me but getting there was a nightmare. It was the Christmas weekend. Not a problem in Muslim Indonesia, I thought. Wrong. Continue reading Christmas in a Muslim country