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Masai Marvel

Masai women. Photo courtesy: gailhampshire from Cradley — Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes things of beauty aren’t what they appear. Take high heel shoes for example. They look great, but consider what they do to women’s backs as well as knees over the years.

This is how I classify Masai necklaces. They are eye catchers. The bright colours highlight African women’s glowing skin and there’s an allusion that the neck appears longer. Continue reading Masai Marvel

Mkwepu Street’s Shimmering Silversmith

On Wkwepu Street in Dar es Salaam, was a Zanzibar silversmith who crafted jewellery. The shop was like a magnet for me with its glass case cluttered with earrings and necklaces that were impossible to resist.

Over the years, I’ve divvied those silver purchases among my daughters until I’m left with one pair of tinkling earrings as a final memory.

Khan al-Khalili Souk

If there’s one place you shouldn’t miss in Cairo, it’s Khan al-Khalili Souk. We loved it so much, we went back a second time during our short stay.

On our first sojourn, we wound our way along streets of market stalls selling everything from cushions to spices. Continue reading Khan al-Khalili Souk