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Wolseong palace site

This site was located at Gyeongju’s highest point. The Namcheon River formed a natural barrier on one side and wide ditches were dug to the north, east and west to prevent invasion. Continue reading Wolseong palace site

Gyeongbokgung Palace

On the outskirts of Bukchon Hanok Village was Gyeonbokgung Palace. On my visit to the country’s capital eleven years ago, I’d toured two of the six palaces in Seoul and found the architecture and layout similar. This complex however, seemed larger and without a map, I wandered it’s many buildings that felt like I was moving through a maze. Continue reading Gyeongbokgung Palace

How did Deoksugung Palace and Cartier Jewellery come together?

Deoksugung Palace was like a city within a city. The palace was the residence of the country’s royal family during the Joseon Dynasty until the Japanese invasion.

After passing through the entrance, the main hall was where the emperor once met visitors. Stone plaques marked where officials stood to wait for a meeting. Behind were more beautiful buildings spread around immaculate grounds. I forgot the noisy traffic outside as I went from one building to the next. Continue reading How did Deoksugung Palace and Cartier Jewellery come together?