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Sinhalese Enlightenment

The highlands were for walking because although it was still warm, the climate was nowhere near as hot and sticky as Lanka’s lowlands.

Across from the Royal Botanic Gardens stood Peradeniya University. I don’t remember much of the university except from a photo I took, but I do remember the next days’s confrontation in the grimy city. Continue reading Sinhalese Enlightenment

Kandy’s Botanic Gardens

Photo courtesy: McKaySavage from London UK – Wikimedia Commons

Kandy was a cool change from the coast. In the mountainous interior, the landscape was lush. Continue reading Kandy’s Botanic Gardens

Mumbai movie mania

Photo courtesy: Humajunn Peerzaada — Wikimedia Commons

Flying into Mumbai, the old familiar odour hit the senses as soon as I exited the airport. Nothing seemed to have changed in my five-year absence. The traffic was chaotic; the sound of horns trumpeted the vast city; and the heat and humidity glued my clothes to my back. In spite of these discomforts, I was excited to return. Continue reading Mumbai movie mania