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Clever signs

I may be a writer, but I can never come up with clever puns. When I see or hear someone else with a slick line, I am gobsmacked — like the CBC radio show, The Debaters, I shake my head at their quick wit, and of course, laugh!

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kenting national park?

Before I left the southern tip of Taiwan, I had to check something with Kenting National Park’s information center. I’d visited the centre when I first arrived, but I was confused because I felt I had missed the national park!

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surviving taiwan’s byways

I was told in South Korea that drivers would stop for pedestrians 50% of the time — I’d say maybe 10% — but in Taiwan, never — not even on a zebra crossing or with a green walk sign flashing.

It didn’t take long to adapt with my eyes radiating in all directions when I crossed a street. If a motor scooter headed my way, I learned to trust that the driver would swerve by me.

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Taiwan’s southern most tip

Eluanbi Park was famous for its lighthouse built with a moat and loopholes for cannons to ward off Taiwan’s original inhabitants — protesting aborigines against Chinese invasion. It was built in 1882, but there were far better sights to see along the trails that criss-crossed the promontory.

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the ancient town of hengchun

When the bus rolled through Hengchun on the way to Kenting (pronounced Ken-ting), it appeared like the dingiest route, but I still wanted to explore its narrow streets. On my return, I headed to its most photographed site, Hengchun’s South Gate. 

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