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Mouth Watering Maharagwe

While living in Dar es Salaam, I was invited to a Hindu friend’s house who ran a kitenge duka on Independence Avenue at that time. At lunch, I devoured a kidney bean curry like a taste bud smorgasbord. Continue reading Mouth Watering Maharagwe

A Tanzanian treasure rediscovered

While living in Dar es Salaam, I had a problem sending my mother a gift. There were beautiful fabrics (kitenge) but she didn’t sew; there were loads of books, but my mother wasn’t much of a reader.

Finally, I stumbled upon tins of Tanzanian coffee grown around Arusha near Mt Kilimanjaro. The container was decorated with giraffes with a space down the bottom where I filled in the address and off it went. Continue reading A Tanzanian treasure rediscovered