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A taste for Jeju

Jeju Island was my favourite place to eat in South Korea. It was seafood heaven, and if you’re a fan of the delights from the ocean, this is the island to head to for variety and freshness. Continue reading A taste for Jeju

A taste of Korea

One of my greatest pleasures in travelling is food, but on my first two visits to South Korea some ten years ago, I was strictly vegetarian and disappointed in what was on offer. Perhaps I wasn’t prepared enough. Before my recent trip, I’d changed my diet and discovered the rewards of Korean cuisine. Continue reading A taste of Korea

Bukchon Hanok Village

I hiked past Seoul crowds up to Samcheong Park with a view of the city between lush vegetation. But it was the early architecture I came to see, so I turned back to face the tourist buses and hoards roaming the streets to spot those tasteful houses from the past. And I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading Bukchon Hanok Village