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A Hunger for History?

I was curious about historical Melaka; the boring stuff that hadn’t captured my interest at school. So it was understandable my daughter wasn’t impressed when I wanted to visit old Portuguese churches and the museum. Continue reading A Hunger for History?

Same place, KL a decade later

Photo courtesy: Daniel Berthold — Wikimedia Commons

While I dragged my youngest daughter through Sumatra, my two older daughters were touring Canada with their dad. Continue reading Same place, KL a decade later

The End of the Malaysian Road

Photo courtesy: Azreey — Wikimedia Commons

We left our African home five months ago, and as our new destination was on the horizon, I tried to prepare my daughters for a slower, less stimulating pace of life that awaited. They told me they didn’t want to go to Australia. They wanted to stay in Malaysia. Continue reading The End of the Malaysian Road

Kauntan and the South China Sea

Photo courtesy: Sidelong — Wikimedia Commons

Moving south to Kuala Lumpur, we only spent a day in this exciting city. I liked the mix of Chinese, Malay and South Indian in a modern Asian city, but I’d have to reserve that experience for another time. Continue reading Kauntan and the South China Sea

Letters from the Past – Penang

Photo courtesy: Hzh — Wikimedia Commons

With our Sumatra tour over, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, but I’m thinking back to my first visit to Malaysia, before the daughter I dragged through Sumatra was born.

We had left India for Bangkok and flown north to Penang, staying in Tanjung Bungah, eleven kilometres from Georgetown. Our upstairs room in a Chinese family’s house, overlooked the Malacca Strait. Continue reading Letters from the Past – Penang