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Beyond Nanzen-ji’s temple

Past the temple’s aqueduct I climbed higher along the Kotoku-an trail where only two hikers ventured ahead of me. Although this was not a long hike, the sounds of tourists and buses were lost to the sound of running water. Continue reading Beyond Nanzen-ji’s temple

The last structure I expected to see in Japan

When I think of aqueducts, I imagine Italy, but beyond the main buildings in the Nanzen-ji Temple grounds, was a red brick aqueduct. A sign reassured visitors the crack in the brick was not structurally dangerous so I stepped underneath to climb to the top. Continue reading The last structure I expected to see in Japan

Arashiyama’s finest old houses

Away from the temples and the Bamboo Forest, was Arashiyama’s preserved area. It was the best laneway to spy some of Kyoto’s finest old style houses. Some even had the traditional thatched roofs. Even more surprising was that not one of the hoards of tourists who stepped into the Bamboo Forest, was here. Continue reading Arashiyama’s finest old houses