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Easy child birth — really?

From Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera, I spotted Koyasu-no-To pagoda in the distance. The lure of this orange tower in the lush setting was impossible to ignore, so I set out towards this solitary structure leaving behind the main complex that was under external renovations. Continue reading Easy child birth — really?

An accidental visit to Higashi Honganji

I sped past this complex when I first arrived in Kyoto. But a few days later when I hiked in the general direction of my hotel, I passed by the site once again. This time I crossed over a moat and entered through the Founder’s Hall Gate into the temple complex, Higashi Honganji, officially known as Shinshu Honbyo. Continue reading An accidental visit to Higashi Honganji

Kyoto’s most photographed site

Fushimi Inari was dedicated to Inari Okami, the god of rice and sake in 711 before the site moved to Mount Inari in 816 and became Fushimi Inari Taisha. The first tori, the Romon tower gate at the entrance, was built from donations by a samurai warlord in 1589. Continue reading Kyoto’s most photographed site

A museum of kimonos

Because this museum was within easy walking distance from Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, I headed for the quiet street to a wooden house. At first I thought the museum was closed because the slatted gate was shut and all was quiet. But inside, I discovered customers deeply interested in what appeared to be the purchase of a kimono. Continue reading A museum of kimonos

A Shinkansen experience

Ever since I first learned about Japan’s shinkansen, I’d always wanted to step aboard one to experience the 320 kilometres an hour feel at ground level. I know many European countries have bullet trains too, but I had my heart set on Japan. I finally had my chance when I headed from a Tokyo outer train station to Kyoto. Continue reading A Shinkansen experience