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Prince Edward Island’s eastern tip

I drove on a rainy morning heading to P.E.I.’s East Point lighthouse. As I drew nearer the rain clouds lifted and the sight of the lighthouse of 1867 against a blue sky was breathtaking. A climb up the precarious lighthouse steps offered a view of the surrounding coastline where in 1882, a British war ship had run aground on the offshore reef. A year later the lighthouse was moved to the tip of the point where it stands today.

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Peggys Cove

Only forty-four kilometres from Halifax was a tiny fishing village famous for its rugged coastline and lighthouse. It was one of the most photographed sites in Canada. Although it was home to only forty permanent residents, some seven hundred thousand visitors came to Peggy’s Cove annually.

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Cape Enrage

Driving from Moncton to Fundy National Park, highway 114 was in disrepair. The road was full of patches, potholes and dips. In places, part of the tarmac had crumbled away and there was only one lane open to traffic. What a relief it was to turn off onto the road that led to Cape Enrage that was smooth and just as well as there were several sharp turns on the six kilometres to the lighthouse.

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Taiwan’s southern most tip

Eluanbi Park was famous for its lighthouse built with a moat and loopholes for cannons to ward off Taiwan’s original inhabitants — protesting aborigines against Chinese invasion. It was built in 1882, but there were far better sights to see along the trails that criss-crossed the promontory.

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Point Atkinson Lighthouse

On a perfect summer day, we hiked through Point Atkinson Park to the lighthouse. Usually, the lighthouse was closed off to the public, but on this and about four other days that summer, this locked off area was open to those who registered with the guides to celebrate Canada’s 150th. Continue reading Point Atkinson Lighthouse

Isolated Deep Bay

Vancouver Island’s Deep Bay was a quiet nook with a pebbly beach and a view of the tail end of Denman Island in the distance. Off from Denman Island was Chrome Island marking the entrance to Baynes Sound. Perched on this tiny sandstone island, were a few buildings, including a lighthouse. Continue reading Isolated Deep Bay