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All that glitters is usually gold

Singapore is one of the few cities where I comfortably walk alone at night. I feel like it’s the safest city in the world to be a woman. So on my last visit, I took advantage of this nightly freedom to stroll through crowded footpaths of Little India where all that glitters is usually gold. Continue reading All that glitters is usually gold

Singapore’s Little India

As I wove my way along Serangoon Road, I was bombarded by alternating Tamil then Hindi music from nearly every store along the route. Glittering saris and sparkling gold shops mingled with countless vegetarian restaurants. Continue reading Singapore’s Little India

Little India’s best restaurants

I stayed in Singapore’s Little India for one reason only; to be close to my favourite restaurant in the world – Komala Vilas! I discovered since my last visit some twenty-five years ago that instead of one restaurant, there were now another four within a kilometre radius.

Was the South Indian food still as good as I remembered? Continue reading Little India’s best restaurants