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A Makonde Moment

Photo: PD—US—1900

While I rested in the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam after giving birth to my daughter, a women entered the room with a mop.

I followed her sweeping movements as she sloshed across the floor before I spied her scared face. My eyes were glued to the artistic designs until she noticed my stare. That’s when a great guffaw escaped her mouth to display a mighty smile with no front teeth. Continue reading A Makonde Moment

A Makonde treasure

There were a number of locations around Dar es Salaam where African carvers gathered, chipping away at a hunk of ebony. I heard their tap, tap, chip, chip as I approached while my eyes spun around absorbing the curvaceous art pieces resting on the dirt. Tins of black boot polish lay scattered amongst their tools as ebony in Tanzania is a light coloured wood. Continue reading A Makonde treasure

Dar es Salaam treasure

Ebony? In Tanzania it’s not the well-known bIack ebony. African carvers coat their finished art with black boot polish to resemble the sort-after dark cousin, but that wouldn’t do for something you want to eat from. Continue reading Dar es Salaam treasure