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Xlendi, Gozo – a different world

By far one of the most beautiful parts of Malta was on Gozo, the second largest island that makes up a portion of the island nation. My youngest daughter and I took a bus to Cirkewwa where we caught a ferry to Mgarr and a bus to Rabat. We had no idea where to stay until Continue reading Xlendi, Gozo – a different world

A hike to Dingli Cliffs

On my first Maltese trip, when my youngest daughter and I had met up on the island to visit my middle daughter, we had this crazy idea of walking to Dingli Cliffs from Rabat. In other words, we walked a third of the way across the island. Continue reading A hike to Dingli Cliffs

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Barrakka Gardens overlooked the Grand Harbour of Valletta. There wasn’t too much of what I’d term, garden. A few date palms grew near the stone arches. A couple of circular gardens lay surrounded by stone walkways. However, the location was worth a visit because of its spectacular views across the harbour. Continue reading Upper Barrakka Gardens


My daughter lived in Sliema which in many ways was not much different from Valletta. I wandered streets and along the waterfront, around to St Julian’s and Spinola Bay with two poodles on hand. It wasn’t an ideal walk with the constant flow of cars and narrow footpaths but at least the sea was visible and there were Continue reading Sliema


Valletta, Malta’s capital city, was a masterpiece of stone buildings with shuttered windows to keep out the glare during the hot, dry summers. The main street was full of restaurants and shops where people ambled past. Wherever we walked, it wasn’t long before we’d catch a glimpse of the sea between buildings.


Continue reading Valletta