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Jungang markets

When I’d returned from Bulguksa, the bus had passed Gyeongju’s markets and it wasn’t the vegetables and fruits on display along the pavement that caught my eye, it was the faces of the women. Continue reading Jungang markets

First steps in Busan

I arrived by train from Daegu and walked to my hotel in a lively part of town — Texas Street. About 200 metres on was a market where fish swam in tanks, vegetables and fruit were on display and snack foods tempted. Continue reading First steps in Busan

Brisbane’s street market and beyond

Close by the Brisbane River, crowds lingered amongst the city stalls sprawling the pavement. Macadamia nuts and Kingaroy peanuts were displayed, fresh strawberries and avocados, small cakes and jewellery. Continue reading Brisbane’s street market and beyond

To market to market

Queen Victoria Markets on the north side of Melbourne city, extended a couple of blocks. When I stepped through the main entrance, the smell of meats had me steering away to the specialized sections of cheeses and even a store that sold crocodile and kangaroo meats. Continue reading To market to market

Grandville Island Markets

One large wrought iron building housed the markets. Fresh produce smacked me in the eye with radiant colours; jewellery sparkled from overhead lights; and the aroma of soaps wafted over me as I meandered around stalls. Continue reading Grandville Island Markets

Tanzania’s Fresh Food

Photo courtesy: Duniasikuzote — Wikimedia Commons

When I lived in Dar es Salaam, there were often shortages due to factory equipment breaking down or a lack of foreign exchange to import certain goods.

After nine months of abstinence, there’d be Kenyan cheese in the shops for a couple of weeks; or someone warned we should stock up on matches or toilet paper because parts for a broken piece of machinery would take months to arrive. Continue reading Tanzania’s Fresh Food