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Masai Marvel

Masai women. Photo courtesy: gailhampshire from Cradley — Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes things of beauty aren’t what they appear. Take high heel shoes for example. They look great, but consider what they do to women’s backs as well as knees over the years.

This is how I classify Masai necklaces. They are eye catchers. The bright colours highlight African women’s glowing skin and there’s an allusion that the neck appears longer. Continue reading Masai Marvel

My hidden Masai

For all the years I spent in Tanzania, I don’t have many photos except of people but I do have a small collection of ebony. My letter opener is one from this hoard.20150116_172513

It’s been with me since my Dar days when I purchased if from a street vendor. Even with its carved Masai head handle and knife that slits envelopes efficiently, it’s kept hidden in a box by the door, ready to open the small amount of mail I receive these days.