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Little India’s best restaurants

I stayed in Singapore’s Little India for one reason only; to be close to my favourite restaurant in the world – Komala Vilas! I discovered since my last visit some twenty-five years ago that instead of one restaurant, there were now another four within a kilometre radius.

Was the South Indian food still as good as I remembered? Continue reading Little India’s best restaurants

A Vancouver South Indian restaurant

Last week I was actually craving Gujarati style biryani but the restaurant was closed. With so many restaurants to choose from, we only travelled another kilometre or so along Kingsway, before we arrived at a South Indian restaurant. Continue reading A Vancouver South Indian restaurant

South Indian masala dosa

I’ve tried making masala dosa but they always turned out the soggiest, floppiest hunk of cooked rice flour you’d ever manage to drop straight into the bin. So naturally, I’m on the look out for a good South Indian restaurant Continue reading South Indian masala dosa