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Mersing’s awaiting

Photo courtesy: Peter in s — Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve read my posts on Sumatra, you’ll recall that before we set out on this month’s journey, I told my daughter she could plan the trip. Although we both chose the same Sumatran destinations, from here on, was totally her plan. Continue reading Mersing’s awaiting

A Hunger for History?

I was curious about historical Melaka; the boring stuff that hadn’t captured my interest at school. So it was understandable my daughter wasn’t impressed when I wanted to visit old Portuguese churches and the museum. Continue reading A Hunger for History?

A Memory of Portuguese Melaka

Photo courtesy: Rudolphfurtado — Wikimedia Commons

The thought of going to Melaka next, evoked memories of countries on a world map coloured pink. During my school days, we learned about Commonwealth countries, so Melaka was somewhere vaguely familiar. Continue reading A Memory of Portuguese Melaka