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Memorable Mumbai

Photo courtesy: Whitney Lauren — Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever visited a place and then years later, read a book set exactly in that location?

On my first encounter with Mumbai (Bombay back then), I convinced someone to accompany me to the city’s red light district. We trekked past The Cages, but within minutes, the atmosphere had a, why are you here atmosphere. We turned on our heels and raced away, but I have never forgotten those waiting women. Continue reading Memorable Mumbai

Pondy’s beachfront

I cooled off in a beach side restaurant because it wasn’t only the thirty-two degree heat that had me wilting, but the high humidity drenching my skin. I sat talking to a Mumbai visitor while the Bay of Bengal beckoned. Continue reading Pondy’s beachfront

In Letters from the past – Held up in a Mumbai Hotel Room

Photo courtesy: Rahul Megharaj — Wikimedia Commons

Some memories you choose to forget. I did this on my last Mumbai visit. In the letters I wrote to my sister decades past, I’m shocked by my forgetfulness. Continue reading In Letters from the past – Held up in a Mumbai Hotel Room

Forgotten memories of India

When I returned to Australia after six years, my mother asked if I wanted the letters I’d written her during that time. I foolishly brushed the idea aside and have regretted if every since. Those memories were tossed in the bin.

But yesterday, Continue reading Forgotten memories of India

Leaving India

Ship off the Kenyan coast

Photo courtesy: Andrew Thomas — Wikimedia Commons

Three times I’ve left India, (oops, now it’s four, since writing this post) and two of those times were by sea. Firstly, I chugged across the Palk Straight from Rameswaram to Mannar Island, Lanka.

The second sea exit was Continue reading Leaving India

Mumbai movie mania

Photo courtesy: Humajunn Peerzaada — Wikimedia Commons

Flying into Mumbai, the old familiar odour hit the senses as soon as I exited the airport. Nothing seemed to have changed in my five-year absence. The traffic was chaotic; the sound of horns trumpeted the vast city; and the heat and humidity glued my clothes to my back. In spite of these discomforts, I was excited to return. Continue reading Mumbai movie mania

An appetite for Goan pig? Not me….

Photo courtesy: Portugal Editor Exploration — Wikimedia Commons

When I stayed at Colva Beach, there were two other tourists: one from Australia and an English guy who’d been travelling for seven years. No hoards of Europeans or drugs governed the quiet backwater beach back then. The biggest high we got was Continue reading An appetite for Goan pig? Not me….