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Melbourne’s Chinese Museum

Fortunately, the hike up Little Bourke Street into Chinatown was worth it because of the Chinese Museum. Many of the pieces on display were on loan from a local interested in Chinese history.

Because ancient Chinese believed in the after life as in ancient Egypt, jade burial suits were a relatively common discovery. Despite the extravagance, it was believed that the jade would preserve the body. Continue reading Melbourne’s Chinese Museum

Melbourne’s Immigration Museum

This museum was situated in the old Custom’s House. The stately building was an added bonus with its decorative touches; especially in the long room. This was where customs agents once came to pay duty on imported goods. Continue reading Melbourne’s Immigration Museum

Buildings within Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Holtam Hall was once the office of the Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens until 1925. On my visit, the building had become the Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum. Within the two storey building, was a history of the gardens as well as displays on different plant species. Continue reading Buildings within Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Dar es Salaam’s Vibrant Village Museum

Photo courtesy: Moongateclimber — Wikimedia Commons

I was never a big fan of museums. I’ve woven my way through artifacts and paintings in most continents and only been excited by a few displays. Continue reading Dar es Salaam’s Vibrant Village Museum

Con Dao’s Museum

I’m not one for museums but decided to visit this one on the edge of Con Son, a ten minute walk away.

The museum was mainly about the incarceration and torture of the Vietnamese at the hands of the French colonial rulers followed by the U.S.A.’s puppet regime. I’d read a novel about a prisoner in the tiger cages but I don’t think the story was set in Vietnam. Still, I was curious to learn just what they looked like. Continue reading Con Dao’s Museum

Thinking of visiting Cairo’s blank museum? Think again

Photo: Cairo Museum entrance courtesy Ijanderson977 – wikimedia.org

Being within walking distance of Cairo’s museum, we trudged by beeping traffic under a blazing sun. Before the doors swung open, we arrived early thinking we’d beat the crowds to discover others with the same idea.

We did manage to scurry to the Tutankhamun exhibit before too many others surrounded the glittering treasures. This small section was well worth a view but I understand has since been moved to a new site near the pyramids. Continue reading Thinking of visiting Cairo’s blank museum? Think again