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Three-storey pagodas

After unifying the three kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula in the latter half of the 600s AD, King Munmu-wang, the 30thruler of Silla began construction on Gameusaji temple in the hope of repelling Japanese invasions. Because he died before its completion, his son, King Sinmun completed the project in 682 AD. Continue reading Three-storey pagodas

Yeouido Park

Amidst shimmering highrise buildings and the constant hum of traffic sat a rectangular oasis of calm — Yeouido Park. I planned to avoid Seoul’s tourist meccas that fine morning and picked the perfect location. Continue reading Yeouido Park

Easy child birth — really?

From Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera, I spotted Koyasu-no-To pagoda in the distance. The lure of this orange tower in the lush setting was impossible to ignore, so I set out towards this solitary structure leaving behind the main complex that was under external renovations. Continue reading Easy child birth — really?

Jade Emperor Pagoda


Not far from the Botanic Gardens stood the Jade Emperor Pagoda. While shaded by soaring trees at the entrance, the grounds were in need of a little TLC.

I entered to an over powering haze of incense before a multitude of statues in various rooms contained within the complex before I made my way back. Continue reading Jade Emperor Pagoda