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Minangkabau territory

The architecture of this region was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Roofs were shaped like pointed buffalo horns. Close by Bukittinggi, we visited the largest house in all of Sumartra where once the king had lived. The huge main room was relatively empty, but the building itself was an architectural masterpiece. Behind was an equally beautiful small building that may have been for servants.

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From the far north to the south

Just as magnificent was Chiang Mai in the very north of Thailand. It was a relief to be in cooler, mountainous air after the humid heat of the south. There were similar beautiful sites to see, but what I remember most was the passport dilemma.

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Jaipur’s Amber Palace

Amber Palace was eleven kilometres from the pink city. We decided to forgo the fifty rupees for an elephant ride up the hill to the thousand-year-old palace. Instead, we walked. While we had a stroller for my youngest daughter, my poor three-year-old had to plod along unaided. She trudged up the hill until eventually I carried her the final distance.

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