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Leaving India

Ship off the Kenyan coast

Photo courtesy: Andrew Thomas — Wikimedia Commons

Three times I’ve left India, (oops, now it’s four, since writing this post) and two of those times were by sea. Firstly, I chugged across the Palk Straight from Rameswaram to Mannar Island, Lanka.

The second sea exit was Continue reading Leaving India


Photo courtesy: Allan Jones — Wikimedia.org

Rameswaram Island located in south eastern Tamil Nadu, stretches into the sea as if reaching towards its twin over the Palk Straight. I’m guessing sixty thousand years ago when sea levels were lower, Sri Lanka was joined to Tamil Nadu. That’s when Tamils might have crossed on Adam’s Bridge to settle on the island nation.

I took a ferry from Rameswaram across to Mannar Island, the night before trouble exploded, but promised to return to this peaceful island, in the days before traffic from a bridge that was later constructed from the mainland to the island.