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Hey, I’m not done with Malaysia

Photo courtesy: Terence Ong — Wikimedia Commons

This was a year when my three daughters were off on a trip with their dad and I decided that six weeks sitting at home would be down right depressing. To break up the long stretch without them, I flew to Singapore and crossed over into Johor Bahru because I could catch a cheaper flight from JB over to Kuching in Malaysia’s Sarawak, rather than from Singapore. Continue reading Hey, I’m not done with Malaysia

Bogor turned out to be boggy Bogor

We didn’t stay long in Indonesia’s capital. Big cities aren’t my thing. We reached Bogor, sixty kilometres away, and relief at being away from Jakarta’s congestion, washed over me.

A guide soon convinced us to visit Mt Salak the following day. Drizzling rain should have warned me, but there was something about volcanoes I couldn’t resist, Continue reading Bogor turned out to be boggy Bogor