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Sand hills in the middle of Canada?

I had to see this. On my last drive to Calgary, I thought I’d travel the extra kilometre or thousand into the next prairie province. If I thought Alberta’s roads hardly varied from straight and flat, I hadn’t hit Saskatchewan. My arms were locked in the same position on the steering wheel for hours it seemed until I searched for the Great Sand Hills. I discovered like those before and after, that Sasketchewan doesn’t seem to get that signs to its interesting sights need to be before a turn off, not on the turn off. Continue reading Sand hills in the middle of Canada?

Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump

I think this site, west of Fort MacLeod, sealed my fate. I was doomed to journey around southern Alberta alone because after this excursion, my daughter thought up some reason or other not to join me on my explorations of her province. Continue reading Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump