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Skagway decision

My plan before this trip, was to see the Arctic Ocean up in Tuktoyaktuk, then return through Dawson City to Whitehorse. After that, I had no idea. Only when I reached Skagway, did I decide to exit by ferry from the port in the direction of home.

I stayed in a cute, once a brothel hotel, and while having breakfast the following morning, was reminded I was in Alaska, U.S.A. A woman nearby, talked incessantly about the guns she and her husband had brought on the trip. It wasn’t my kind of breakfast conversation. Continue reading Skagway decision

A view of the Yukon River from the Dome

I hiked the built-up dyke, past the swirling Yukon as far as the tailings at the junction with the Klondike River; piles of stones left by gold seekers. Continue reading A view of the Yukon River from the Dome