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One of the three god’s mountains

I headed to Mara Provincial Marine Park to circuit the coastline. This was only a three kilometre trail running along the high cliffs above the East China Sea. I hoped for a better view of its highest point. Continue reading One of the three god’s mountains

An accidental return to Weaselhead Provincial Park

Over the pedestrian bridge that stretched across the Elbow River, I left the Elbow River Pathway by Glenmore Reservoir and entered Weaselhead Provincial Park. During a summer some years back, I’d visited this park. In the depths of winter however, it was unrecognizable. Continue reading An accidental return to Weaselhead Provincial Park

A suspension bridge?

I heard someone say as I left the Elk Falls Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, that they wanted to see the bridge. Really? What drew me to the site was the name, Elk Falls. The suspension bridge was just an extra surprise. Continue reading A suspension bridge?

A Wander through Elk Falls Provincial Park

This Vancouver Island provincial Park was not far west of Campbell River. With easy walking trails and a waterfall, I was surprised there weren’t even more people on the Sunday I visited. Continue reading A Wander through Elk Falls Provincial Park

First Nation Encounter

I was on my way to hike through Vancouver Island’s Elk Falls when I was greeted by singing and dancing. I’m not sure where this First Nation group were from, but their clothes were Haida Guai from the Queen Charlotte Islands. Continue reading First Nation Encounter

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

After I arrived at this Vancouver Island provincial park, I discovered a lazy way to get to the upper falls by the campground, but I headed off near the car park. I hiked uphill most of the way on this short hike with a view of the rushing Little Qualicum River along the way. Continue reading Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park hiking trail

Following the shoreline near Parksville, this East Vancouver Island trail had endless views of the Straight of Georgia and even an island or two off the coast. When the trail did deviate away from the water, tall cedars and other firs lined the path. Continue reading Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park hiking trail

Nairn Falls Trail

Within Nairn Falls Provincial Park was an easy 3 km walk. The trail followed Lillooet River up to the falls where water swirled, carving out potholes after plunging down. Continue reading Nairn Falls Trail

Around Salmon Arm

From Chase I followed Little Shuswap Lake through Sorrento to Blind Bay where the dead quiet was shattered by a water skier growling across the silken water. The route was lined with wild flowers as I passed through Sunnybrae Bible Camp where heads were lowered over books. Continue reading Around Salmon Arm

Joffre Lake Provincial Park

The aqua water of Lower Joffre Lake mirrored the pines on the opposite bank. Above loomed Matier Glacier with its melting ice cascading from Upper Joffre Lake, to Middle Joffre Lake, to the one I stood near. The sun glistened on the snow covering the peak, making it impossible to turn back. Continue reading Joffre Lake Provincial Park