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The business of religion

The best maintained buildings in Puducherry were both the churches and the main temples.

Puducherry’s Ganesh Temple radiated in all its grandeur as if it had recently been painted every colour of the rainbow. Inside was more eye-popping than the exterior. As I wandered the perimeter ogling at the freezes, a queue waited to enter the inner sanctuary for blessings. Continue reading The business of religion

Snail mail

I love the internet and its convenience — checking maps, FaceTime, instant messaging to name a few. But I know children still get a kick out of receiving snail mail.

I headed to Puducherry’s post office to mail postcards to my grandchildren. Others dipped their fingers in the sticky glue to paste on stamps. I wiped my stamps across the glue and found the ancient post box that looked like it could easily be ripped off the fence and broken into. Continue reading Snail mail

India’s first car

On my first trip to India, there were no imported cars. It was India’s Ambassador or nothing. Taxis were Ambassadors. Private cars were Ambassadors. It was like the food, you ate curry or you didn’t eat back then. Continue reading India’s first car

Puducherry’s Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens that opened in 1826 were loaded with towering trees from kapok to tamarind trees. But the tooth ache tree caught my attention because this Indian native had been used in Ayurveda medicine. Continue reading Puducherry’s Botanic Gardens

Puducherry’s ancient fossil

I meandered through the Botanic Gardens past giant trees where my neck ached when I looked up to the highest branches. With a sign ahead that proclaimed ancient fossil, I was drawn like a magnet to metal. Continue reading Puducherry’s ancient fossil

Pondy’s beachfront

I cooled off in a beach side restaurant because it wasn’t only the thirty-two degree heat that had me wilting, but the high humidity drenching my skin. I sat talking to a Mumbai visitor while the Bay of Bengal beckoned. Continue reading Pondy’s beachfront