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Along the Coho Loop

Arriving within North Vancouver’s Capilano River Regional Park, it wasn’t hard to see how ice and water carved away the canyon while we hiked the Coho Loop. Continue reading Along the Coho Loop

Jumping off point — Cleveland Dam

Located in North Vancouver on the edge of Capilano River Regional Park, this dam was constructed in the 1950s to supply water to Vancouver. Continue reading Jumping off point — Cleveland Dam

Ambury Regional Park

Only about six kilometres from Auckland’s airport, Ambury Regional Park stretched along Mangere Harbour. As I opened and closed gates, I was at first disappointed by the bare landscape, but once I found the trail that fringed the bay, the swaying grasses and rocky shore took on a new look. Continue reading Ambury Regional Park

Deas Island Regional Park


Delta’s Deas Island Regional Park was not accurately named. It wasn’t an island. The park was joined to the mainland by a narrow band of land. I crossed a wooden bridge over a stagnant creek and followed the trail that led to the tip of the so called island. On the way, I was faced with another contradiction. Continue reading Deas Island Regional Park