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Cypress Hills couldn’t cure my phobia

There were other places further north I could have ventured, but without realising it until I reached the Rockies, I was suffering from flat-phobia. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, shared by Saskatchewan and Alberta, didn’t cure it. While the forests, the hikes and the lookout were scenic, I hungered for higher mountains and taller trees. Continue reading Cypress Hills couldn’t cure my phobia

Alberta’s capital and beyond

Columbia Icefield glacier - Saperaud - wikimedia.org
Columbia Icefield glacier – Photo: Saperaud – wikimedia.org

My daughter attended a wedding in Edmonton so I volunteered to drive her. I know, it was over a thousand kilometres one way, but it wasn’t long after I arrived in Canada, and I was keen to see some of the country.

On the way, we stopped in Jasper National Park Continue reading Alberta’s capital and beyond