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A ferry ride into the past

I crossed the waters of Moreton Bay from Redland Bay to Russell Island. The journey was once a long haul in a wooden boat. My childhood memories are from an era when I visited my aunt and uncle’s farm. While the island was once full of farms, most of the land was now subdivided. My aunt’s farm still existed, and although its size had dwindled the view across the water to Karragarra Island was unchanged.

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Karragarra island

We caught the ferry over to Karragarra Island, a small island across from Russell Island in Moreton Bay that we intended to walk around. On one side was a narrow strip of sandy beach and on the opposite side, mangroves.

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Walking over family ground

In my family, our grandfather was a mystery. He has been talked of, speculated about, but no one could pin down his elusive past. One period we were certain of, was when he owned a large stretch of land.

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